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  • One flute spiral bitsOne flute spiral bits with fine thread

    Adopt for excellent quality materials of home-made, imported grinding combination of technology,non-stick bits when processing acrylic, exemption from scratch.It have high resonable price. This tools in processing rosewood, plywood is also have an excellent performance.Details
  • Two flute sprial bitsTwo flute sprial bits with covering gold

    This kind of tools surface coating titanium,good wearing resistance, high temperature resistance function is better than common tools.Details
  • Two flute spiral bitsTwo flute spiral bits with no edge

    Sharp edge,suitable for processing acrylic,non-stick bits. High resonable price.Details
  • Half straight cutterHalf straight cutter with high precision

    PPM,plastic,lens,lamella,produce as each kind of size.Details
  • Combined cutting toolCombined cutting tool for woodworking

    This kind of tools are the first convertible-style patent combined cutting tools for woodworking of China.Neither exchange parent fraction adopt for imported Tungsten Carbide cutting tip,high wearing resistance,it can fix any of the 3.175mm,4mm,6mm tools.One-off to be completed cutting MDF,PVC,Acrylic,Rosewood and flower types chamfering of edge,greatly improve the work efficiency.Details
  • CNC cutting thick paperCut foam burin

    CNC cutting thick paper,special for cutting foamDetails
  • One-flute spiral bitsOne-flute spiral bits

    Designed with spiral cuttings chute of high capacity and mirror-like tool grinders, and equipped with ultra-micran tungsten steel bits, this style of cutters is of great use in the high efficient mass production of such materials as arylic, PVC, plastics, soft wood and MDF. In addition, it is really a kind of environment-friendly carving tools as it guarantees a non-stick, smokeless, smellless and muting processing.Details
  • 3D engraving bits3D engraving bits

    It is the latest style of bits produced by Daijie Company. Boasting of such advantages as great precision and hard wearing feature, it is designed with real double edges, single whole tungsten steels and stainless steel shanks and tips cut by digital controlled tool grinders.Details
  • One-flute spiral bits for aluminumOne-flute spiral bits for aluminum

    The kind of cutters are useful particularly for cutting various kinds of aluminum plates, and can guarantee a non-stick, high efficient cutting process while the carving machine is rotating at a high speed.Details
  • Radiused bottom engraving bitsRadiused bottom engraving bits

    Such a style of carving tools is the first-choice for small-scale refined relief and full relief and especially useful for the refined relief-carving of such materials as acrylic, hardwood, MDF, aluminum and brass. The products, far better than those processed by common ball-end mills and plat-bottom engraving bits, boast of high precision and good smooth finish. It is a machine for refined carving, and the best companion for engraving machine.Details
  • Two large flute spiral bitsTwo large flute spiral bits

    This model of cutting tool suits in especially the process of the mid-low density board, It has the characteristics for the escape of chips well, not the black knife, not burning the board, the processing efficiency higher characteristic, It is our company the patent cutting tool for the density board.Details
  • One flute spiral sharp bitsOne flute spiral sharp bits

    This kind of tools can engraving stainless steel,mould steel,brass,aluminum,hardwood and designed for high-hard-difficult materials. Escape of well chips, not easily broken tip,and long using life.Details
  • Compression CuttersCompression Cutters

    This kind of engraving tool in the process cutting may guarantee that the side from the top to bottom superficial burr-free, no exploding, suits density board (MDF) especially, pastes the fur plates, PVC, the cotton rose board, and so on product high request processing. It is the ideal cutting tool for the high quality carpentry CNC carving processing.Details
  • One sprial flute ball end millsOne sprial flute ball end mills

    This model of cutting tool promoted has solved the general carving user in the density board, the acrylic fabric, PVC, as well as the original cork deep relief requirements such as processing, with the characteristics of the high speed, the good escape of chips, burr-free and so on, it will become the sharp weapon in the wood industry relief processing, the unparalleled processing efficiency and the quality will make your carving enterprise thriving.Details
  • Straight Cutter With 45 DegreeStraight Cutter With 45 Degree

    This tools are good for acrylic of excellent quality,cellphone faceplate,PPM, aluminium plate.We can produce each kind degree and size of this tools as customers requests.Also we can produce one flute and two flute of this tools.Details
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