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About Djtol

     DJTOL Grinding Machine Group Co.,Ltd. is located in Wuhu,Anhui National Development Zone, Xinwu Economic  Development Zone. The Group established in 2014. The company is one of the five-axis CNC tool grinding pioneers in China,since 2009,it has started to launch five-axis CNC tool grinding machine. We are committed to build high-end equipment for tooling system with the entire set of technical solutions which provide the customers best tool design and manufacturing. Our main products include five-axis CNC tools grinding machine, four-axis CNC tool grinding machine, with multi-function, CNC inserts grinding machine, CNC forming grinding machine, CNC cylindrical grinding machine, CNC step grinding machine, CNC thread grinding machine, PCD  tool grinding machine and CNC customize grinding machines.
     We provide best after-sales technical service and support to our customers as our number one task. With new concept of product management. Our product quality and stability lead us to the top and become market leader in the filed of tool grinding. Our quick and responsible service team provide excellence after-sales service to all customers. Being active, fast, efficient, high level of product quality, innovative, cost-effectiveness and the greatest degree of market -oriented is also our goal to be excellent. 
     In 2018, the company proposed one strategy goal:”Nwe Daijie, new journey, new leap.” In terms of product, we will focus on the accumulation of funds, talents and years of technical experience, and independently develop more domestic high-end equipment with high precision,high efficiency, automation ,specialization and intelligence. In terms of service system,the company has always advocated the concept that service to creat value, Daijie is around us. The company has set up offices in Changzhou, Wenling,Chengdu, Dongguan,Qinghe and  Zhuzhou, and the service of office has been comprehensively improved to provide good pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sales service.
     With the long-term cooperation with customers, we always looking forward to heard from customer complementary, sharing with customer in development principles to creat value in products sales and services. We will make more effort and persist to do our domestic brand, and make positive contributions to the area of high-end tool system manufacturing. 
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