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Engraving Tools
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engraving tools Introduction

engraving tools-AA series

engraving tools-AA series is made from Germany K55UF ultra-microntungsten steel, featuring hardness of 94 HRC and super resistance to bend. Its resistance to rub and stability are superior to other solid carbide materials. Because of the high cost of the materials, the longest SHK of this series is 6mm. with the patent polishing process, the cutting tools are very sharp. Mills are excellent in processing rate and quality among acrylic, MDF and aluminum. Engraving tools are excellent in engraving aluminum, stainless steel, steel. AA series is the top engraving tools consequent to A series after great investment and three years’ design, development and improvement. Its quality is superior to European and American ones. It’s a kind of precise engraving tools with high quality. Its outstanding feature and quality show the power of DJTOL in the field of engraving tools. It will in the experts’ grace, with which it will propel the national engraving field forward.

engraving tools-A series

engraving tools-A series is a kind of cutting tools developed by our company in 2000. customers who have used these tools are all amazed by its high efficiency and high benefits. A series contributes a lot to the development of national mechanical engraving field. Our company has been improving A series and brought down the prices to meet the demand of customers. Improved products will be put out in June, 2008. New and old customers can enjoy the achievement of DJTOL then. Now the high-quality AA series can be bought at the same price as that of A series.

engraving tools-N series

engraving tools-N series is a kind of popular engraving tools put out by our company in the early days. With engraving measurement and outstanding sales achievements, its excellent quality and low price meet the engraving need of most customers.

diamond engraving tools

diamond engraving tools are designed and developed to cut aluminum, brass, steel, acrylic and marble.

engraving tools-welding mills

in order to better meet the processing needs of different customers, our company put out a series of welding mills with high quality and moderate prices.

engraving tools Woter Grinding Machine Cnc Engraving Tool
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