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Engraving Tools


CNC control system

high-end the customized special five-axis linkage

Mechanical shaft

Machine tool technologydata
Ginding spindle power torque:peak 20KW
The machine total power:50KW
Grinding wheel diameter:150mm
Grinding wheel aperture:50.8mm
Piece of grinding wheel:6 pieces
A-axis clamping tool diameter range:3-20mm
A-axis maximun grinding diameter/blade length:20mm/150mm-200mm(specific length depends on the shape of cutting tools,the procedure and the clamping way)
A-axis workpiece spindle hole taper/redial runout:BT40/0.002mm
A-axis workpiece spindle speed:300r/min
Drive technology
Digital servo drive/Straught axis transmission level grinding ball screw(THK)/Linear guide(THK)/DD motor/Grinding spindle use servo spindle
Other date
Oil cooling system:External
Oil mist separator:External
Machine tool lathe bed:Castiron
Machine weight:About 5500kg
Covers an area :2200mm*1500mm*2000mm
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